Malga Mondent

The malga cheese

Mountain gold

Every year around mid-June, several farmers from the Val di Sole and Val di Rabbi bring their cattle to Malga Mondent, where they can live in the open air and eat fresh grass and essences.

Malga Mondent alta (1910 m) constitutes, together with malga Mondent bassa (1750 m), a vast area used for pasture, property of Asuc di Arnago, a fraction of the municipality of Malè.

Both malgas are equipped with a dairy and stables to house the animals and are used seasonally to optimally exploit the pasture at different altitudes.

The cows are milked twice a day and the milk is processed daily by our cheesemaker to produce cheese, butter and ricotta with a unique taste!

Regenerate body and mind amidst green high-altitude pastures